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infocc Internal Linking & Tagging

“infocc is a brand new tool that helps bloggers increase their website engagement.”- Murray Newlands, The Mail

Identify important keywords. Generate in-text links & tags. Interlink pages.

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page Increased page views

We increase page views by making related content easily and readily available to your visitors, to prevent them from needing to search your website, or even exiting it. When readers view additional relevant pages of your website, they are more likely to take actions (e.g. click on ads or purchase products) and to revisit the site in the future.

time Longer time on site

We suggest  relevant pages to your visitors to improve time on site and website engagement. Our auto linking and tagging directs readers to new posts that can expand their knowledge of a given topic, improve your website credibility and build an overall positive experience. We also show search engines that your visitors like to stay longer on your site, proving its relevance and authority.

seoSearch engine optimization

By providing visitors with additional and relevant linked pages, we increase time on site and website engagement, hence increasing the SEO score of your pages. With infocc, you don’t have to manipulate any metric or content to gain SEO. Our white-hat solutions will make search engines love you more thanks to better linking patterns, website usability and user engagement metrics.

easy Effortless

We ensure you link your most important pages by making internal linking and tagging easy, quick & efficient. You only need to input your keywords once and update them as the trends in your industry change, and we assist you with the setup. We relieve you from spending time on manual linking, even though you are still in control over the number, recurrence and style of the links.

deviceTouch Screen Devices

Maximize your website’s navigability with touchscreen friendly content accessible at your visitors’ fingertips. Your readers can easily access related content by simply tapping the screen. They do not need to navigate, go to the search bar or even exit your site anymore. We take advantage of usability as a key to higher user engagement.Auto link infocc auto tagging plugin wordpress SE

 Relationship Building

Start building a long-term relationship with your visitors thanks to website engagement and positive site experience. By providing them with compelling related content you maximize page views and gain their trust as an information & solution provider. Properly-set internal links and tags involve your readers, get you more followers & shares and make them come back for more!

How to boost user engagement with internal links

Are you looking for an easy way to drive user engagement and increase your conversion rate? Do you want to create long term relationship with your visitors? Do you feel like a lot of them exit your website before hitting the most

How a simple auto linking plugin can radically change your website performance.

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