Optimize Website Conversion

Convert visitors to subscribers and buyers

Infocc Context Server™  is designed for content-rich website, which need to drive traffic from content pages to conversion pages.  Most websites lose 80% of traffic to bounce rate.


Dynamically serve content blocks (e.g. sidebar blocks) based on context of the page (e.g. on-page keywords) or context of the visitor (geo-location, new/returning, registered/subscribed).


Precision targeting – Infocc Context Server enables display of content blocks based on precision targeting, including:

  • Page context – URL, Title, or Body text:   You can target your blocks by keywords in URL, in title, or in body of each page.
  • User context – geo-location:  Present a different “view” to visitors from different countries, or cities
  • User context – status:  New vs. returning visitor, subscribed, previously purchased
  • Web properties:  You can target content blocks to one or more of your web properties or partners properties.


  • Full integration with Google Analytics, allowing seamless conversion analysis.

A/B Testing:

  • Rotation of content blocks to achieve optimal conversion.

For Marketers:

  • Context Server is designed for marketers.  No coding necessary!


  • Add a single line of Javascript code (provided) and your site is contextualized.
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